who we are

BITart is a small Minnesota-based consulting firm concentrating on OS X and iOS application development.
With over 30 years of experience in application design and more than 20 years with OS X, iOS, and their predecessors OPENSTEP and NeXTSTEP, we get your ideas to market fast and clean. Our attention to detail and a touch of German engineering will elevate your applications above the competition.

what we do

Though our specialties are prepress, publishing, communication and manufacturing systems, we are right at home in many environments and platforms. We are comfortable with many languages: Objective-C, C, Perl, Postscript, Java, Lua, and many others. We are familiar with a wide variety of protocols and technologies commonly (and some not so commonly) used on the internet.
You will find us excellent partners for applications large and small, as well as complex systems spanning platforms. We are also familiar with Linux and other Unix servers, micro controllers, hardware and assembler.

what we have done

BITart has been involved in many projects of all sizes and complexities. Some examples are described on our solutions and showcase pages.


BITart's more recent and ongoing projects include design, implementation and maintenance of a turn-key fax and voicemail server solution for a young Swiss startup and a complex next generation custom prepress system for Harte-Hanks' Shoppers Publications.
In the past we have worked on the design, implementation and operation of the INTERFAX network. Some clients have been: Imation (Minnesota), 3M (Minnesota), Bayer AG (German pharmaceutical giant), Embru (Switzerland), Lifetouch (Minnesota) University of W├╝rzburg (Germany), and Verbatim (Netherlands).