Below you find screenshots and additional details for some of the projects BITart has been involved in.

digital classifieds magazine on iPad

A proof of concept project to explore the possibilities of a digital classifieds magazine on the iPad platform. It has a number of advanced features:

real-time layout

The entire publication layout is generated on the fly, thus supporting arbitrary device resolutions and device orientations. Classifieds make use of Core Text, font-size is user-selectable via preferences. PS Portrait PS Landscape

simple navigation

Going from page to page is possible using standard swipe gestures or tap. Zoom via pinch gestures is supported. Quickly jump between sections using table of contents: PS Sections

metadata support

Support of a variety of metadata via context menus: PS Context


Bookmarks are highlighted in their original locations. All bookmarks combine into bookmark pages with automatic layout: PS Bookmarks Live search supported. Search is geo-location aware and can be extended on surrounding areas. PS Search

map support

Where the relevant metadata is available, bookmark locations can be displayed on a map. PS MAP

custom prepress system

This multi-year project involved design and creation of an application suite to handle many aspects of the customers pre-press needs: The applications target Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later and make extensive use of these technologies (amongst many others): Some highlights are shown below.


Pagination is fully automated. Sophisticated algorithms guarantee a space-saving result while minimizing pagination conflicts by re-arranging components as allowed by pagination rules. Rare pagination conflicts are dealt with in a graphical interface with extensive drag and drop support, optional preview, real-time conflict display during drag and drop. Pagination

plate management

Some of the features of the plate management application: PlateManagement

PDF and plate viewer


enhanced tables

All tables throughout the suite of applications have a number of enhancements: EnhancedTableView

communication system between main office and branch stores

A client(iPad)/server(OS X) application designed to aid communication between a main office and branch stores. A variety of modules provide or collect a variety of data items required for business operation. This app was written with localization in mind, the German UI is shown below. FiliaMain FiliaDetail

simple iPhone HVAC controller

This is a simple in-house iPhone HVAC controller application. It demonstrates network communication between an iPhone and HVAC hardware via the LAN. A second screen produces a display of statistical data points, received via HTTP from a server acting as data logger.